Hello, welcome to joeboldizar.com. I’m an audio engineer based out of Philadelphia, PA. I produce, record, and mix records, mostly out of the recording studio that I co-own, “Retro City Studios“. I also mix FOH sound and monitors for artists, primarily at the Trocadero Theater, as well as other venues throughout the city. Occasionally I’ll tour as FOH for bands I’ve recorded with in the studio. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing artists from all over the world, both in the studio, and live. Creative people keep me inspired, so I love what I do.


I both enjoy and appreciate all the benefits of modern digital recording and processing. In fact, I couldn’t imagine making records today without using Pro Tools at least somewhere in the process. However, I have always had a strong affinity towards traditional recording, as you can probably tell from my discography. It all starts with artists performing a song; real instruments, actual singing, then builds from there. We live in a time where drum samples, guitar modelers, and autotune are industry standards. Many of the songs we hear today rely heavily on these tools. Don’t get me wrong, some people are able to make great records with them, but unfortunately, quite often they just end up sounding sterile, artificial, and stock. Every single player has a unique sonic expression, using too much digital editing and sampling can crush that expression and cause it to sound very unnatural and robotic. To me, nothing sounds quite like a stick hitting a well-tuned drum in a big room, or a strummed chord through a warm tube amp, and most importantly, a singer taking the time to find just the right note, and actually taking care to get it right. This is how great records have always been made. I’m happy to use these tools when they’re needed, but I prefer to rely on great instruments, mics, rooms, and performances first.

My approach to live sound is much the same. Today’s digital consoles allow for an unbelievable amount of processing on each individual channel, it’s easy to get caught up in the minutia. Instead, I try and stay focused on what matters: the artist connecting with the audience. That happens in many different ways depending on the show. Sometimes it’s pushing the drum bus hard to drive the song, or bringing the effects right up to the front of a mix, but usually it’s about making sure the vocals are right where they need to be. As far as gear goes, I do enjoy working on a Digico or Midas Pro series when I can, but I’m just as happy to use a solid analog desk if that’s what’s available. I’m not overly picky as long as it works. I do rely heavily on good mics, and most importantly, positioning them correctly. Placing the mic exactly where it needs to be is not a popular art form in live sound, but I find it’s imperative for getting everything to sound just right in a mix. In the end, its always going to be about the songs. If the artist is good at what they do, and passionate about their craft, it makes mixing them an endlessly enjoyable process.

For a selected discography of artists I’ve worked with both in the studio and live please visit the “my work” page.

Also, feel free to contact me with any question at  info@joeboldizar.com